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Hello, everyone!

Undertale-Ghosts is an appreciation fan group for the ghosts of Undertale. Specifically, these ghosts include: Napstablook, Mettaton, the ghost of the Mad Dummy, and the ghost of the Ruins Dummy.

Please feel free to look around and please enjoy your stay!
Founded 2 Years ago
Jan 25, 2016


Group Focus
Love for Undertale Ghosts!

274 Members
262 Watchers
16,435 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

[Undertale] Napstablook - Big Collab by ANGELAneLapis
[Undertale] Blind Fury by MayJasmine
Cutie pie by Cioccolata-L
Just Sitting by Cioccolata-L
Chibi MTT by artisticalpacastudio
Mettaton EX by Bettamander
MTT Switch Around Meme by Strabius
Ten Happstablooks by Strabius
Mad Dummy
Ask 5 (season 13) by Benthehyena
M-Mad, please tell me what's wrong! by h0ly-mackerel
You shouldn't have shown Raven that, Mad. by h0ly-mackerel
Headcanon Mad Dummy Human Design by h0ly-mackerel
Ruins Dummy
Undertale Pencil Fan Art #2 Ruin Dummy by Avian-Graphics
[Undertale] Can you just stop? by MayJasmine
RuinBot (Ruin Dummy) by HondausMina
[OFF] Dummy battle sprite by Valegiri
Pairs and groups
Christmas - An Act of Kindness by MsDaBoss7
[Undertale] Madstablooky: Noche Buena! by MayJasmine
Cloudtale - Preview by Sherly97
[Undertale] Madstablooky: First KISS by MayJasmine
Fanfiction and Other Writing
OCs, other ghosts
Ink (Ghost Form) Sketches by YouLookLikeFOOD
Underfell Sans Hugs by YouLookLikeFOOD
Null and Void Answer 45 by YouLookLikeFOOD
Cosplay and crafts
Faces of Evil by KittysPlushies
Mettaton Brand Charms by KittysPlushies
Double OH YES!!! by Avian-Graphics
Cosplay Mettaton 1.0 by Ninpin
Pull the trigger ~ by ImoonArt
AU related
7 Soul Seraphiton by TheBlackAngel07
Bishie Robot Battle! by Getemono



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Blooky-animated-19 by Kaweii HELLO! Blooky-animated-19 by Kaweii

Hello, everyone!

Let me be the first to say... welcome to the group! Please feel free to take a look around. If you find it cozy enough, please hit the join button there.

First and foremost, this is a group for the ghost cousins in the game!

These ghosts are:

Mettaton (ghost)
Mad Dummy (ghost)
Ruins Dummy (ghost)

Keeping that in mind, there are gallery folders to submit your pictures to!

This is for everyone's convenience to feel free to browse and to see your art.

*A kind reminder that ONLY ART FEATURING THE GHOST COUSINS WILL BE ACCEPTED HERE! Ghost OCs also welcome! If they are not ghost or Mettaton-related, kindly check our affiliates instead.

Blooky-animated-27 by Kaweii FOLDERS Blooky-animated-27 by Kaweii

:bulletwhite: Featured

:bulletblue: Napstablook
This is a folder dedicated to Napstablook! Solo pictures dedicated to them belongs here.

:bulletpink: Mettaton
This is a folder dedicated to Mettaton! Solo pictures dedicated to them/him belongs here.

:bulletred: Mad Dummy
This is a folder dedicated to the Mad Dummy! Solo pictures dedicated to them belongs here.

:bulletgreen: Ruins Dummy
This is a folder dedicated to the Ruins Dummy in the ruins! Solo pictures dedicated to them belongs here.

:bulletblue: Shyren
This is a folder dedicated to the Blooks' sweet friend from the Waterfall, Shyren! Solo pictures dedicated to her belongs here.

:bulletpurple: Pairs and groups
Make sure that any of the ghost cousins are the main subject of the picture! Them making just a cameo with other characters as the main subject does not count. (e.g. a picture of the Skelebros as the main focus with the ghost cousins as merely a background character does NOT belong here)

:bulletyellow: Fanfiction
Got any stories to tell featuring these lovely ghosts as the protagonists or at least, deuteragonists? Feel free to submit them here! Make sure they're SFW material as NSFW is not permitted in this group.

:bulletblack: OCs, other ghosts
Got any ghost OCs? Feel free to submit them here!
If they've got an EX form or another robot form, please confirm that they were indeed ghosts and they have a confirmed ghost form before submitting them here. After all, this is a ghost appreciation group!

Other ghosts are permitted in this folder as well, like if you think one of the dummies attacking you in that Mad Dummy battle is a character of their own in their own right, feel free to submit them here!

:bulletorange: Cosplays and crafts
Got any adorable plushies or cosplays of the ghost darlings you want to show off? Please submit them here!

:bulletwhite: Comics
Feel free to share your comics in this folder! Oneshot comics? Ongoing comics? By all means, please don't hesitate to share them!

:bulletpurple: AU related
This is where you can submit all those AU-related pictures! Got pictures of Underswap? Underfell? Submit them all here, but of course keep in mind they HAVE to feature the ghost-bots!

:bulletyellow: Crossovers
Got any pictures of universe crossovers? For example, Mettaton wearing a costume of another character; characters from other games meeting other characters... submit them here!

Blooky-animated-30 by Kaweii FAQ Blooky-animated-30 by Kaweii

Heart Emote by Gasara May I submit other forms of the ghost cousins? Like EX forms, robot box forms, etc.
Yes, you may... please submit them to the correct folders!
However in Mettaton's case, it would be appreciated if ghost Mettaton is the main focus. After all, there are a lot of Mettaton fan clubs out there! Ghost Mettaton definitely needs more love. There is no canon design of ghost Mettaton yet, so feel free to submit your own design!

Exclamation Emote by Gasara May I submit NSFW material?
NOPE! Sorry!

This is a SFW group for these adorable ghosts, so please refrain from submitting otherwise NSFW material.

On the note of NSFW... mild gore, dark themes, and violence may be permitted, but keep it at minimum. Fetish-related art or anything sexually suggestive will not be allowed in the group. This includes obvious sexual innuendos, so please recheck your submissions!

Question Emote by Gasara I'm confused which folder I should submit my entry to...
Feel free to ask us if you are confused! Don't be shy, we won't bite!

Sweatdrop Emote by Gasara
What is the group's limit for the number of submissions?
Currently the limit is 10 per week, but we may reconsider that sometime!

Star Emote by Gasara May we affiliate our group with yours?
The co-founder and contributors of the group will have to conduct a meeting regarding the approval of your request.

You must be an Undertale-themed group (or otherwise Undertale-related) to be an affiliate, so that we may also feature you in case our members are interested!

As affiliates, we would love to keep a good partnership and alliance with you, so we may need to get to know the founder and/or the other active admins before we accept an affiliation.

Skull Emote by Gasara Drama...
We would like to keep the drama in our fictional stories. Drama in real life or online with other members will NOT be tolerated. Please refrain from bickering with other members and should any conflicts arise, try to talk it out peacefully and in private.

Should there be a need for the admins to intervene or mediate, PLEASE NOTE US IN PRIVATE. We would not want the other members to get involved in any way. On this note, please avoid getting in trouble as this may result as a ban from the group; which may either be temporary or permanent depending on the case.

We do not want this to ever happen, so let's try to get along by getting together about what we love rather than what we hate!

Any other questions? Clarifications?
Please don't hesitate to ask away!
Hi, everyone!

First and foremost... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And an advanced Happy New Year, as well!

Terribly sorry for lack of updates. I (founder) had currently gone out of this site for an indefinite time... but hopefully, I will be back for good! There are a lot of personal stuff I had to handle... to be quite honest, I still do these days more than ever, but I can manage it much better than before!

That being said, kindly resubmit your expired entries. Again, terribly sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Kindly refer to the front page of our group for guidelines, if you ever need any reference.

Thank you, and please have a good day!

❤ Founder Mei
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Hi there! For now, I guess they could go to the OCs folder til we sort it out. :thumbsup: may we see what you're planning to submit? They must be UT ghost-themed, in any case.
AwesomeOwlGaming Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Well it is, but the adopt has been bought so I don't see a reason to put it in any groups now, but thanks for replying anyway! :3
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MayJasmine Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you appreciate it! ♥ honestly since this is a group, I'd prefer to use the canon pronouns! Though imo people can use the pronouns they like for their own interpretation.
Personally, I use "they" for their initial ghost forms and different pronouns for their robot forms just like MTT did. :thumbsup:
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